TOP 10 : Wolf paintings

The Paintings with the effigy of Wolves are unique and timeless works.
As a gift or a personal acquisition, this range of Canvas seduces as much as it challenges. Intended to decorate while making you travel, these beauties will bring out a lot of hidden feelings that you didn't know existed.

We present you our ranking of the Best Creations for the year 2019 !

10# Wolf painting "Frozen Howls"

This painting depicts a group of Alphas moving away from their pack during heavy cold spells. A wolf howl (also called a common wolf, or canis lupus) is not necessarily due to an emotional state, but is usually intended to maintain strong bonds and not lose sight of the rest of the pack. The higher the social rank of the wolf or wolves that temporarily leave the pack, the more the rest of the pack left behind will howl loudly and for a long time to show that they are still present.

Getting this Painting of a Howling Wolf will remind you that social ties are important to you and no matter how far apart you may be, it will not make you lose the importance that your loved ones have in your eyes.

9# "Blue-Eyed Wolf" Painting

Look into the bright blue eyes of this totem animal and take a whiff of oxygen, energy and determination.

Blue represents both the sky and the sea and is associated with wide open spaces, freedom, independence and expansion. Do any of its values correspond to you? Are you eager for freedom and independence and do not want to be dependent on others, or are you already dependent on others but refuse to go back to the past? Then this "Blue-Eyed Wolf" Painting is perfectly suited for you.

Its look full of determination will remind you why you are doing all this and will prevent you from going back...

8# Wolf painting "Full Moon"

Sit quietly, meditate and let your mind wander. Think about your day, your week, last month. Have you set any goals for yourself? Did you achieve them? Take a moment to step back and set your intentions for the future, whether for the month or for the rest of the year. It's a good time to express your wants and needs. This "Full Moon" Painting will be your ideal companion in this moment of meditation and visualization.

7# "Black and White" Wolf Painting

Black and White, the perfect alliance for a winning and powerful duo. Two very opposite tones, yet enormously appreciated and used for decoration. A style that has simply become a must in the world of decoration. A combo that exudes a symbol of confidence and power.

Black also symbolizes the night, mystery, the unknown as well as rigour, power, strength and authority. It is also the colour representing elegance and distinction, luxury and wealth.

Its opposite, white, represents simplicity and purity. It also has a spiritual tone with a link to angels and the return to the sources. It also denotes peace.

If you want to combine all these values in a single work, this Black and White Painting is made for you. 

6# Painting Wolf "In Love"

Did you find your soul mate ? You're living a fulfilling life and your relationship as a couple is smiling at you? This Wolf "In Love" painting will scream out the powerful feelings you are experiencing.
It will also embellish your days by making you travel to the heart of all these moments shared with the one you love.

5# Painting Wolf "Snowy Mountains"

Do you sometimes like to be with yourself ? Do you sometimes feel the need to take a step back and look at the world around you in order to refocus on your goals and start afresh ? This Painting representing a Wolf in the Mountains can only please and help you.

Enough to decorate your home as you wish while making you travel. This work can only reinforce your desire to find yourself with your own person and no other human being the time to be able to sit down and think. Finally if... you will have company but not just any company because it will help you to do some internal work and leave more beautifully. 

4# Wolf Painting "Colored Kingdom"

We are fast approaching the podium with this magnificent Painting "Coloured Kingdom" which takes the fourth place of our TOP10.

This work is not for just any human. It is for people for whom the word "second" has no place in their vocabulary. You show leadership, you have a competitive spirit, you know exactly what you want and no one can step on your toes? You like to take the lead, you like to control and manage? If all of the above apply to you, you've come to the right place.

Get this powerful Canvas and assert the power of your character by decorating your den in the best possible way. 

3# Wolf painting "White Beta"

At the third place of the podium, we find this splendid Painting representing a White Beta, the second of the Alpha chief. Its precise mission: to protect the male or the couple of leaders, i.e. the Alphas chiefs. It is in a way, a bodyguard.

His role is to protect and divert any attack and potential danger from the wildlife. He is recognizable by his large size and his imperturbable, vigorous and determined look. With him at your side, you are not afraid of danger.

Moreover, he has a developed authority since he is the one who is in charge of carrying out the orders given by the Alpha couple. Once the Beta Wolf is on your side, nothing can happen to you and you can relax while he continues to watch.

2# Wolf "Packmaster" painting

We attack the second place of the podium with this superb "leader of the pack" board. In most packs, an individual is often designated as the leader of the pack. This one is called the Alpha Wolf. He is designated by the clan thanks to various highly developed criteria: his intelligence, his strength, his wisdom, his recognition, his very strong authority, his leadership spirit,...

Generally, the Alpha is the most popular member of a pack and in most cases, he is the father of some other members of the clan. He takes care of the good cohesion of the group and in spite of his higher rank, he remains very tolerant towards the others. Despite the fact that he likes to show that he is the dominant one, he knows how to show enormous humility. You will have understood that the Alpha has a lot of values.

But what distinguishes him above all from the other members is that he is the only one to form a breeding pair and to be able to reproduce. He therefore has advantages that some people don't have and he will leave a legacy behind him.

This picture representing the head of a pack leader will therefore not be for all profiles . Are you up to the task and do you deserve the rank of this one ? 

#1 "Geometric" Wolf Table

Here we go... Elected grand winner of the year 2019, we are proud to present this magnificent painting composed of a grey wolf's head and various geometrical shapes strongly emphasizing it

Because of its very varied shapes combining to create this much appreciated design, there are many hidden meanings behind this artistic work.

As with the meanings of colours, geometric shapes have the power to strongly influence us and make us travel through different feelings.

On this Canvas, we find two major shapes: a colored triangle and a white round overhanging it.

In many situations, the best known meanings of the circle are: infinity, perfection, fecundity and alliance.

For the triangle, it symbolizes divinity, harmony, wisdom and balance.

You will therefore understand that to appropriate this picture, it is necessary to be aligned with all these values. Anyone can not claim to be able to decorate his lair with this kind of outstanding creation.

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