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We welcome you young wolf 🙏 !

Recently, at Wolf Hybrid™, and for a limited period of time, we have decided to enlarge our clan. We actively seek new recruits interested in earning revenue while promoting our brand. This unique offer does not require any conditions, risks or financial investment on your part. 

Victim of its own success, once this second wave of recruitments is over, the opportunity will unfortunately not arise again. Known for our social cohesion, each application for membership will be examined by all members of the pack. If you're finally deemed eligible to join our ambassador program, then you can reap the fruits of your labor for the rest of your life.

If by chance you manage an audience, whether it be a Youtube channel, Facebook community, Instagram or Pinterest or even a Blog, you will then be able to promote us more easily and earn commissions on each sale. Better known as an affiliate program, we have named it : The Wolf Hybrid™ Hunt.

The idea is simple, once in the pack, we'll give you a link that you can share all around you. Although there is no limit in terms of sharing, we ask you not to spam the link in the same place. Once this link is shared wherever you want, if there are sales, you will receive a percentage of the total volume of sales generated through your link.


A Ranking System

  • Omega Wolf - You've just been recruited and it's time to prove yourself. For your first step in the pack, we're offering you a 10% discount for each order placed on our store.
  • Gamma Wolf - You're gaining experience ! Once you hit your first 50 sales, your percentage goes up to 12%.
  • Beta Wolf - This is getting serious. You've made 100 sales, so you get 15% on the total volume of your customer's cart.
  • Alpha Wolf - Congratulations, you've reached the final step : 200 sales. You're now Pack Leader and you're winning 20% on every sale as well as an unprecedented reward : The Golden Paw.

A personalised administration panel to follow your live sales !

See this as your den, no one can get in. Inside, you will have access to your progress and all your sales in real time. The wolf is an animal known for its loyalty, we want to do the same with our affiliates.


A personalised Discount Code for your community.

Once connected to your admin panel, you will get a 10% discount code dedicated to your community. Of course, you can modify it as you wish to create something more personal and connected to your audience.

20% off

As well as a code for you ! Indeed, you can also benefit from a personal discount code giving you an exceptional discount of 20%. With this one, you will be able to try our different collections and even write a review on your blog if you wish.


We guide you !

Once a member of our program « The Wolf Hybrid™ Hunt », we'll check your application within 24/48 hours.

If your application is approved, you will then receive a confirmation email. Sometimes, we'll also send you other emails with our best tips on how to generate your first sales.

=> Join the pack ! 🐺

Just like Lucy and Steven, prove that you deserve your place in the pack by earning money every month !

commissions steven

Steven was one of the first ambassadors who trusted us. At the present time, he already earns between 100 $ and 200 $ every month. A nice little salary supplement that allows him not to work on Sunday.

As for Lucy, these are equally interesting results. Although she doesn't have much time next to her full-time job and her children to manage, she still managed to earn more than 300 $ in the space of a few weeks. An amount that is not huge but which allows her to be less anxious and to realise that it is indeed possible to earn money online.

commissions lucie

Our explanations are coming to end ! If you would also like to receive a monthly income supplement via social media or word of mouth, send us your application as soon as possible and we hope to count you among the members of our pack !

See you soon,

The Wolf Hybrid™ Clan

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