Wolf hybrid Partnership

wolf store partnership

By joining the Wolf Hybrid team, you will officially become a member of the pack. Our goal : working together to protect as many wolves as possible.

How does it work ?

  • Commissions in $ for each sale made on our site (10 to 15%)

For a sale to be assigned to you, the user only needs to click once on your partner link. This visit (cookies) will remain assigned to you for life. If a visitor does not buy at first, you will also benefit from all the advertising we will do afterwards to retarget this same visitor and make him buy again (the sale will come back to you thanks to the cookies).

  • Free Wolf Items

After your first 2 sales, we will offer you a 30€ gift card (in addition to the usual commissions) valid on all our Online Store !

  • Dashboard

To ensure complete transparency, we have implemented a software for our affiliate system. This software will give you access to your own dashboard where you can track your sales and commissions to the nearest cent.

  • Personalized Discount Code

You will have the possibility to create your own personalized code in order to distribute it around you. If one of your visitors uses your code, they will receive a 10% discount on their entire order and you will automatically receive a commission on the same sale.

The payments are of course automated (monthly or on request) and secured via Paypal.

If you are interested, simply register on the link below to learn more and access your Dashboard. You'll see, it's very easy to use.

👉 Become a partner of Wolf Hybrid

We launched our business with a clear vision of what we want in the long term. Our aim is therefore to work with our partners for as long as possible.

The Wolf Hybrid Pack 🐺