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About the wolf store :

Wolf Hybrid™ is the best destination to hunt the most beautiful wolf items from the comfort of your den. We offer many Tattoos, Paintings, T-shirts, Pendants, Masks, Plushs, Bracelets, Rings and many more... enough to delight any human and make them howl with satisfaction !

By diving into our universe, you will benefit from all our best advices, learnings and good plans which were transmitted to us during hunting periods with our pack. Power, strength, leadership and loyalty are the key words of our Wolf Shop.

We hunt day and night the best craftsmen in the world to offer you articles with powerful and qualitative design. We also select them with care in order to offer you the best possible price. Those of you who already know our website know that we could go through rivers, forests and mountains to find you the most beautiful novelties. Our credo : Until the Alpha howls, there's no satisfaction !

On Wolf Hybrid, you will have the opportunity to discover and explore several territories.

The Inner Territory : This territory contains the most beautiful Wolf Paintings, enough to decorate your den and make it warm and cosy.

The Territory of the Ornaments : In this one, you will find something to highlight your most advanced tastes in wolf jewelry. Necklaces and Pendants, Bracelets, Rings, you will have a vast choice, no excuses to go back on your steps !

The Territory of Passage : Whoever passes through this one, will quickly come out of it. Of short distance but irreplaceable, this place gathers the most beautiful wolf tattoos you could ever hope for.

The Riding Hood Territory : This territory is the best place to dress up as a wolf. Costumes, T-shirts, Hoodies, Masks, you'll feel good about yourself.

The Baluchons Territory (coming soon) : In this area, you will find something to carry your belongings with the greatest simplicity. Backpacks, Handbags, Shoulder bags, Satchels, Pencils, Make-up bag, a real wolf's equipment to better go hunting.

But Wolf Hybrid isn't just that. It is also a fight for the protection of wolves, a blog and a partnership system. If you wish to know more about our fight project, contact us by clicking on : contact us.

Good discovery!

About the team :

Our names are Justin, Louka and Julia, the three canids who founded the Wolf Hybrid Clan. 

We are three friends, passionate about the wolf's universe, who have known each other since we were very young. The survival and leadership behaviour of this totem animal deserves, in our opinion, the greatest respect from any human being.

After a long period of searching for wolf items that did not bear fruit, we decided, by mutual agreement, to found the "Wolf Hybrid" site. Before being a shop, Wolf Hybrid is above all a huge sign of respect for the wolves and wolf cubs who fight every day in our beautiful but very dangerous nature.

Thank you for your attention, we are waiting for you in the pack! 

The Wolf Hybrid Clan 🐺