Wolf Ring "Anubis"

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A jewel worthy of the ancient gods that will make you feel the power of Anubis' past.

The ideal jewel to assert your leadership.

A smooth inner surface and a comfortable fit that will allow an ideal use of this Wolf Ring.

An ornament combining the colors "silver" and "gold" embellished with a cross anklet that symbolizes immortality and pharaonic power.

Dimensions of 26 mm x 20 mm as well as an ultra light weight of 13 grams which will make you love to wear it.

Wear this ring with its powerful features and assert your Alpha spirit!
Nowadays, the funerary god Anubis is considered as one of the oldest Egyptian deities.

In the past, he was represented in the form of a black jackal and is now depicted as a man with the head of a wolfhound.

Anubis had the strange peculiarity of being a god called "psychopompe".

This means that his role was to accompany the dead to their ultimate destination : the kingdom of the dead.

He was also known as :

- Ferryman

- Lord of the holy land

- or Keeper of the underworld

It was a creature said to be reassuring to the Egyptian people, who attached more importance to their future life in the afterlife of Osiris than to their earthly life.

He was the protective god of the underworld, which he protected from the various attacks coming from the dark world.


  • Stainless Steel 316L : No blackening, no oxidation
  • Smooth interior : no discomfort on your finger.
  • An "Ultra Light" weight of 13gr : enough to accompany you everywhere in the greatest comfort.
  • Color : Gold and Silver plated
  • Carefully handcrafted details.
  • Note : Size equals circumference in mm.

$45.90 USD $45.90 USD