Wolf Bracelet "Alpha Alliance"

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Elegant and Powerful, this beautiful Men's Wolf Bracelet can be worn in any situation.

A superb bracelet for men with the spirit of great leaders.

An ornament representing the notion of alliance through its two similar wolf heads. A powerful fusion between two Alpha leaders who know what they want.

A jewel made of stainless steel for greater durability over time and greater elegance.

An object as much appreciated by its wearer as by its admirers.

Dimensions from 19 to 23 cm long and 13mm wide that will wrap perfectly around your wrist.

An optimal weight of 71 grams for a long and comfortable use.

A jewel representing team spirit, fraternity and leadership.


  • Stainless Steel 316L : No blackening, no oxidation
  • No Form of discomfort on your skin when using it.
  • Meticulously carved details
  • Size : 4 versions available | Weight : 71gr

$59.90 USD $26.08 USD