Wolf Bracelet "Dubble Head"

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"Equality only hurts those who aren't tall enough to rise to it."

Cloned style, that's the design of this precious jewel.

An ornament representing equality through its two identical wolf heads.

This luxurious wolf leather bracelet is suitable for those who have adopted a look that is both cool and distinguished.

Here, the craftsman's know-how is exercised in two very different disciplines of the transformation of noble materials to create the object of your desire.

Has a smooth surface and leather for a completely optimal comfort of use.

A length of 21 cm that will perfectly roll up the arm of its wearer

Available in Gold or Silver. Whether you choose the silver or gold model, they will both provide you with the prestige that suits your personality.

A jewel made of stainless steel for greater durability over time.

If at the moment you are free or you are a couple, you have the choice between this model or the wolf bracelet model. Choose the one that is best suited to your situation and that will be able to testify to it wherever you go by announcing it right away.

And what could be better than being able to choose twice? This bracelet is ideal whether you are a man or a woman.


  • 316L Stainless Steel Design: No blackening, no oxidation.
  • Leather Bracelet
  • No Form of discomfort on your skin when using it.
  • Meticulously carved details
  • Size: 21cm
$39.90 USD $8.90 USD